Bubble Pop Scalp Conditioning Mousse

Bubble Pop Scalp Conditioning Mousse

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Created with organic succulent plants, this conditioning mousse will help activate your hair's vitality, stimulate growth and prevent hair loss.

Why We Love It

- Thanks to its "pop" of Aloe Vera, your scalp will feel perfectly hydrated and moisturized

- Vitamin-infused ingredients will boost your hair's growth and strength

- Mousse texture is gentle on the scalp allowing for use in the morning and evening after bathing and hairstyling

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Arginine, Hinokitiol, Desert Plant Extracts (Cactus Flower, Evening Primrose, Ocotillo, Creosote Bush, Joshua Tree, Desert Sand Verbana, Agave Americana), Aloe Vera, Biotin

How To Use

Place the coaxial bottle horizontally before use. After shaking the jar horizontally 4-5 times, close to the scalp, spray an appropriate amount on the scalp, spray on 8-10 places quickly for 1 second. Press the bubbles with the palm of your hand until the babble's sound disappears and then massage without washing. Recommended to use it twice a day in the morning and evening after bathing and hairstyling.