Rose Powder Soap

Rose Powder Soap

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Packed with rose water and moisturizing mandelic acid, our aromatic soap leaves your skin feeling fresh and healthy by increasing softness and soothing skin sensitivities.

Why We Love It

- Brightens dull skin by sustaining your skin's water-oil balance and alleviating hyperpigmentation and discoloration

- Visibly improves signs of aging by firming up fine lines and wrinkles

- Alleviates acne by regulating sebum production, therefore decreasing the occurence of breakouts

- For all skin types, even sensitive skin

Active Ingredients

Rose Water, Mandelic Acid, Carnosine, Urea, Tri-Rose

How to Use

Lather up and massage into skin, then rinse clean. It can be used for facial, body, or hair cleansing.