Rose Rejuvenate Essence

Rose Rejuvenate Essence

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Made of peptide technology and hand-picked roses, this delicate essence stimulates skin cell renewal, combats signs of early aging and packs a wave of moisture leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Why We Love It

- Its sprinkle of gold foil helps with absorption, inflammation, and brightening of your skin

- Improves the condition of your skin by smoothing out wrinkles and delaying aging

- Its lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types

Active Ingredients 

Cyclopeptide-5, Niacinamide, Rosehip Extract, Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, Champagne Rose Extract, Gold peptide, Niacinamide, Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid

How To Use

Apply morning and evening before moisturizer.